New Guinea Travellers is a travel company that provides you with unique and affordable adventures throughout Papua New Guinea.

All of our tours can be tailor-made for both traveller groups and individuals. We rely on local people to produce with a genuine experience of Papua New Guinea. Our packages include trekking, bird watching, fishing, snorkeling and diving. If you wish, you may also ask us to design a custom travel package for you.

Our mission is to use local service providers and provide our travellers with authentic and memorable journeys through Papua New Guinea.

Why book your travel with us?

  • We are an responsible tour operator: Safety is a major concern for us and we take great care in ensuring the safety of your experience;
  • New Guinea Travellers is a locally owned company and our tours are locally-led;
  • We buy the services from local service providers and pay close attention to the price-quality ratio when designing tours;
  • All of our servicess can be tailor made – depending on your preferences and budget. By this we ensure that you get just the kind of adventure you are looking for.