What we do

New Guinea Travellers offers unique tours throughout Papua New Guinea. Our team is a mixture of international and local staff. Our key staff consists of Finnish, Kazakh, and Papua New Guinean nationals. We warmly welcome you to PNG to experience travel which is truly off the beaten path.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is all about nature and cultural variety. It is remarkable land in many ways. It covers 1 % of the globe’s land area but hosts 5 % of its biodiversity. It contains a huge variety of different natural environments ranging from coral reefs in the coast, rainforest in inland, and alpine climate up in the mountains. One third of the languages spoken in the world today are spoken in Papua New Guinea. Witnessing this remarkable cultural diversity is a unique experience that can’t be offered by any other country in the world.

Mount Giluwe Expedition

Starting from 500 USD per person. Mount Giluwe Expedition is a trekking to the the second highest mountain of Papua New Guinea. You will be guided by experienced guides through the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Live in the bush-huts, try mumu-dinners, participate in traditional dancings and gatherings – experience the local life just as it is…



Madang Adventure

Starting from 1,500 USD per person. Madang Adventure is the ultimate nature freak fantasy. During your visit you will be able to combine trekking, canoeing, bird watching and wandering in uninhabited pristine mountainous sceneries. This trip will be available from the summer of 2015 onwards!