Before you go

Papua New Guinea can be a challenging country for even an experienced traveller, but good preparation can ensure a successful travel experience.

Travel Insurance

Adequate travel insurance is compulsory for travel with New Guinea Travellers. Make sure you acquire a good travel insurance prior to embarking on your trip. With a good insurance you can set out on your adventure with ease of mind.

Health Advice

Travel in Papua New Guinea includes risk of various tropical diseases which can be mitigated through proper preparation. Malaria medication is highly recommended and a list of vaccinations which are recommended can be found in here Please contact your GP or travel vaccination clinic for further advice.


Most travellers can obtain a visa to Papua New Guinea on arrival from the airport. However some nationalities, including Australians, are not eligible for a visa on arrival and therefore you may have to apply for it prior to travel from the nearest Papua New Guinea embassy. You can find the list of nationalities who are NOT eligible for a visa on arrival from here