Retreat Yourself

Design an adventure through the jungles, mountains and rivers of Papua New Guinea with our help. PNG is full of wonderful opportunities and untouched nature, but it may be difficult to organize a truly authentic travel experience for people who are unfamiliar with the country. You provide us with ideas and wishes, and we provide you with options.

Papua New Guinea possesses the most amazing spots for different recreational activities. In your itinerary you may include for example trekking and bird watching in the Highlands, snorkeling in Madang, sailing in Milne Bay, etc. The opportunities are numerous and with our Retreat Yourself program you can let your imagination fly and leave the bookings and organizing work for us.

Our Retreat Yourself program is suitable for travelers with different interests. We will find the most cost-effective ways of achieving your destinations and the program is suitable also for those living in Papua New Guinea and wanting to go for instance a short holiday or a long weekend out of the Port Moresby.

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