Tribal Wedding

Go ahead, have that dream wedding in a far-flung locale. We offer you the most amazing way to arrange your wedding in an exotic setting in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Our setting for your wedding will take you up to the green and lush tropics of the PNG highlands. Here you will have to chance to be wed in the centuries old way of the local tribes. We will provide you with everything you need. You may choose to do everything in the Highlands tribal style, or mix it up with your own ideas.


The traditional ceremonial costume – or bilas kanaka in local language – comprises of layers of feathers from birds of paradise and parrots, shells, animal teeth, cuscus fur, leaves, flowers and grasses. All of these elements symbolize harmony and power of the nature that will guard your marriage for years to come. Your faces will be carefully painted in the unique style of local tribes.

The bride and groom come traditionally from different tribes and hence we will offer you both the possibility to choose your own tribe which you will become part of through the matrimony. Bride’s tribe will sing customary chants and lead the bride to the garden. The garden will be decorated with tropical flowers, traditionally with bougainvillea, frangipani and bromeliads.

The ceremony itself consists of dancing and various traditional rituals. Distinctive difference to western weddings is that the marriage ceremony involves a group from both bride’s and groom’s side.

You will then receive round of congratulations from your new friends – people of the village and proceed to the wedding feast.

Wedding feast usually consists of whole roasted pigs, chicken and fish, plenty of sweet potatoes, yams, taro and tapioca flavored with coconut milk, ginger and garlic, and a variety of local greens and tropical fruit. It is traditionally cooked in a mumu, or earthen oven. Menu can be naturally adjusted to individual taste.

Contact us and have a unique wedding experience in the way which has been practiced in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea through centuries.